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Maurizio Lauroja

44 years dedicated to the electric guitar.

When I first started playing music, I was only trying to entertain myself, fooling around with the guitar in a friendís practice room, but I fell in love with the very first note. Learning even more when I first heard the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, as well as bands like Cream, I began to discover that music was not just a hobby of mine, but a passion. Since those days, listening to the legends of a great musical era, the style for me has been the classic trio of bass, drums, and guitar.

At the young age of 40, and after a lifetime hanging back in the chorus, I discovered my destiny as a lead singer! I may not be classically trained as a lead vocalist, but my voice has its own personality, something thatís more important to me hitting every key in perfect pitch. Singing has now given me the power to put into music all the ideas that have filled my head for years.

The new album,
Heaven or Hell, was born from a dream; a dream that became a reality thanks to a great group of friends, from lifelong companions to famous musicians, who helped me to put together this marvelous record.

Heaven or Hell was not recorded as a commercial project, but rather as the combined interests of good friends who share the same love: Music. The musical passion within each artist on this record is the driving force behind its final success, and can be heard in every note.

All I want is to share my music with the world, and I would be very grateful if youíd like to support the artist in me by purchasing the CD. I just know youíll love it!

Keep on rocking,  

Maurizio Lauroja



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