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Heaven or Hell is the product of many years of my own variety of rock and blues. I believe that now is the time to leave my covers behind and play to the world with my own ideas coming across the strings.

All the songs, with the exception of tracks 2 and 7, as well as The Ghost, are my original compositions, and my good friend Guido Block wrote all the lyrics.

The musicians on this record are all my friends, and Im very grateful to them for helping me to produce this record. It would not have been possible without their help.

Guido Block: Bass and voice Event , Papa Winnie, Fabio Treves, Four Tyles.ElectricZoo (Ghram Bonnet band)

Roberto Gualdi: Drum - PFM, Glen Huges, Lucio Dalla, Four Tyles, Paola Turci, Elio e le storie tese ecc.

Alberto Bollati: Bass - Wine Spirits e numerosissimi artisti internazionali e italiani.

Paolo Legramandi: Bass Accompagna Bluesman internazionali durante le loro tournee italiane.

Mauro Abbatiello: Bass Musicista, arrangiatore e turnista.

Sebo : Guitar Four Tyles,

Graziano De Murtas: Guitar Wine Spirits.

Damiano Della Torre: Keyboards PFM, Terence Tren Darby, Celentano , Marina Rei ecc.

Vittoria Vittuone: Voice

Cover and back paint  Silvia Pisani

Contacts and information
mail: info@mauriziolauroja.com


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